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In 2024 Damiani pays tribute to a century of history: a story of family, craftsmanship, creativity and passion. It is a tribute to the Italian excellence that the Maison has embodied through the unmistakable style that permeates its creations, true works of art.

It's a journey through time, honoring the genius that shaped them, the craftsmanship that transformed them into masterpieces and the passion that guided their realization. Each piece of jewelry thus becomes a living testament to a century of dedication and artistry.


The Family

The story of Damiani is that of an Italian family that cherishes a precious knowledge, deeply rooted in tradition: the art of creating jewelry that are true works of art.

Unique and artisanal works of art, handcrafted by Valenza’s master goldsmiths. It is in Valenza — the goldsmith district that upholds the image of Made in Italy treasures worldwide — where the Maison was born a century ago, with three generations succeeding one another up to now.

This marvelous journey begins with the founder, Enrico, who becomes a reference point for the world of traditional jewelry and for the most prominent noble families.

Enrico is succeeded by his son, Damiano, a great creative mind and pioneer, who ushers in a profound change that also influences jewelry design. Embracing new trends, the designs become more refined, captivating an increasingly international audience.

Enrico's legacy passes to his son Damiano, and then to his three children — Guido, Silvia, and Giorgio — who choose to continue the Maison's evolutionary path, interpreting its history of excellence with the inherent innovative spirit.

Today, Damiani is the only truly Valenzan international entity, still present in its place of origin. An entity that started as a creator, designer and producer of precious items, has become one of the biggest names in international luxury thanks to its art and craftsmanship.



Passion has characterized the history of Damiani since its founding, representing the common thread of three generations of jewelry creators dedicated to transforming each piece into a work of art, through the pursuit of the finest materials, the best artisans and the most talented creatives.


The aspiration for innovation, understood as evolution and not revolution, as the preservation of values rather than the denial of one's history, unites the Damiani generations. They consider Italian craftsmanship a heritage to be cherished and passed down.



Italian creativity is at the heart of every Damiani creation, with a passionate and relentless pursuit of beauty and innovation. Beauty, quality, value, passion and vision — these are the hallmarks of the Maison's jewelry, paying tribute to the creativity of our country.


Gems with an extraordinary story come to life through the masterful act of creation by the master goldsmiths of Valenza. The result is a collection of one hundred authentic jewelry masterpieces, bearing witness to the continuity of a unique and unparalleled Italian artisanal tradition.

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