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Rosas Jewelry is also synonymous of finest goldsmith. At our Head Office, located in Corso Umberto in Olbia, you'll be able to admire a wide selection of gold jewels, tastefully selected to give you the opportunity to buy what's best for you.

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The wide selection of Precious Items has meant that our Jewelry boasts the largest selection of gold jewels in all Sardinia.

tems that by size, weight and shape satisfy everyone's tastes. In addition, you will find jewelry of all price ranges, from the simplest to the finest ones, made extremely elegant.

Baptism, Communion, Confirmation, Marriage, Anniversary or whatever the occasion deserves to be remembered and celebrated with a jewel, we will be happy to show you our Goldsmith Collections and to advise you on the jewel that best suits the circumstances is intended for.

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Are you next to the wedding?

Come to our Jewellery in Olbia and you will find a wide selection of wedding rings, from classic to contemporary, to make unique and eternal your union.

Wedding rings are an important symbol... Tradition places the first wedding rings a long time ago, but the meaning that they had then is still one today: the small gold sphere, placed in the left ring of their partner and/or companion, is testimony of eternal marriage, family and affection.

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Rosas Jewelry provides you with large collections.. come to discover and try them.

Ask a personalized engraving with wedding's date and/or your names too, to make unforgettable memories of the most beautiful and exciting day of your life.

Finally at Rosas you can choose your wedding rings, block the price in order to avoid the gold value increase, and pick them up later!

Come to discover our entire collections without any purchase obligation.


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