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From mother to daughter: the heritage of the Sardinian Ring.
The sardinian ring is a typical jewel, which has recently experienced a renaissance: it became popular and worn by young women. This precious is more and more widespread outside the borders of the island, it represents an object to have and to preserve regardless the place of origin.

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To understand the reason of such interest it is enough to see its meticulous manufacture in filigree: the very fine gold or silver threads are woven to create unique decorations, every curve has a precise meaning.

The jewel has a very fascinating history.

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Back in the days it was handed down from mother to daughter, usually the long-awaited handover took place on special occasions: marriage or for a child born.

So, the only and precious ring was staying in the same family for decades, following the change of generations, witness of a time that flows almost imperceptibly.

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Sardinian ring is currently experiencing a "second youth". In fact, this ring, which has always been linked to the most ancient and deepest Sardinian traditions, started to begun very popular all over Italy, making it a very aimed gift from the Belpaese women.

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